Electric Motors and Motor Control
ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.11

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Chicago Winter Meeting 2018

ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.11
Electric Motors and Motor Controls
Agenda for Chicago Winter Meeting
January 23, 2018 – Tuesday 1:00 to 3:00 PM
Palmer House Hilton
Montrose 3 - 7th Floor

Call to Order – Tom Lowery

• Welcome

ASHRAE Code of Ethics Commitment
In this and all other ASHRAE meetings, we will act with honesty, fairness, courtesy, competence, integrity and respect for others, and we shall avoid all real or perceived conflicts of interests. (See full Code of Ethics: https://www.ashrae.org/about-ashrae/ashrae-code-of-ethics.)

• Introduction of Members and guests

• Additions to agenda

• Quorum confirmation & Attendance Sheet

• Minutes from Las Vegas & Long Beach (Included in Appendix on this agenda) – Vote to Approve

Chairman’s Report – TAC Section One – Tom Lowery

Subcommittee Reports:

Programs –Terry Davies and Chandra Gollapudi – Co-Chairman

Discussion on Potential Future Programs:

• New motor technology advancement seminar – potential intermediate seminar for Chicago

o Rick Heiden suggested Paul Lin to chair

o Possible title: Advances in HVAC Motors and Controls

  Motor types overview – Ken Fonstad volunteer

  Fan or pump or compressor application – Rick & Terry to find two additional speakers

 Test standards for different type of motors – Dan Delany (Regal)


• SPC 222 now taking over MOT for ASHRAE 1210 – potential for Kansas City if MOT ready

o 1st draft (abstract) target for this meeting

o Potential chair – Ken Fonstad with potential speakers – Tom, Armin, public university customer (found by Paul), Bill to find another speaker

o Armin looking for an end user to be on the SPC 222 committee


• Inside VFD Standards, UL, NEMA AHRI Standard 1210

                • Need Title and Potential Authors
                1. 1) What is ARHI 1210 - T. Lowery Schneider Electric
                2. 2)ABB, Ken Fonstad
                3. 3) Danfoss, Bill Munch
                4. 4) EBM Papst, Armin Hauer

Standards – Armin Hauer

 AHRI 110 – Motor NP Voltages, updated with minor changes

AHRI 1210, IEC 61800, IEEE Armin to draft proposal for review


• ASHRAE SPC 222 - Standard Method of Test for Electrical Power Drive Systems

Met for fourth time in Long Beach
 Update meeting held in July
 Coordination with AHRI 1210 rev 2018

• AMCA 207 - Fan System Efficiency and Fan System Input Power Calculation

 Approved and published May 2017

• Department of Energy NODA3

Spreadsheet for fans provides mathematical extension from shaft power to electrical input power through a default loss model for drive components.
 Currently dormant pending new DOE appointees review

• AMCA 208 - Calculation of Fan Energy Index

 Completion was expected end of 2017 - Update

Research – Rick Heiden



          • RTAR 1768 Assessment of HVAC Equipment Idle Power Consumption as a Percentage of Built Environment Energy Load. Submitted at Chicago Meeting--Withdrawn--
          • RTAR 1793 Development of MOT for Motor Component Thermal Conductivity.
                •  Cost estimated at $120K, awaiting co-funding (IEEE, UL, ASME, Nema) then plan to submit

  TC8.2 Sponsor, 8.1 and 1.11 Co-Sponsor. Approved going to WS

                •  AHRI/ASHRAE joint research update.


Other Ideas:

      •  Power quality trends by region and technology (surges, sags, etc)
            •  Currently no interest within this TC
      •  Data Center trends (i.e. 600 VDC ABB case) maybe a seminar
            •  TC Interest as Future Program
      •  Effects of motor type on VFD efficiency. How does the MOT for VFD need to be changed for motors other than asynchronous.
            •  TC Interest with dual parts – VFD to Motor and Motor to VFD
      •  Survey available literature and databases used for motor-VFD performance modeling in HVAC design
            •  Currently no interest within this TC
      •  Motor-VFD performance rating updates for DOE MotorMaster Plus Database
            •  Currently no interest within this TC


Membership – Jerry Edwards

• Roster Review & Revisions 59 current CM’s.  Long Beach meeting had 19 attendees

Handbook – Tom Lowery

• Additional Input to Handbook Chapter from TC members
• Chandra would like to offer updates to Motor section

NEMA & UL Drive Liaison – Terry Davies

• Efficiency and Safety activity update
• Update on IEC60034-17 and IEC60034-25 and its replacement IEC TS60034-25:2014 edition 3.0.
   Recommendation for reduction in Dv/dt limits for VFD driven motors

NEMA & UL Motor Liaison – Chandra Gollatudi

 Web Site – Paul Lin       http://tc111.ashraetcs.org/

Old Business –

New Business –


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